Our Community


Our Volunteers — 2017-2018 Season

The board of directors and the musicians of the orchestra extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the many wonderful volunteers who greet and welcome in our audience – taking tickets, selling refreshments, finding seats, answering questions – making the musical experience as rich and enjoyable as it can be. We simply couldn’t put on a performance without them.

Terry Bell ♪ Brigitte Dyer ♪ Debbie Ebling ♪ Mark Friedman ♪ Dorothy Gitman ♪ Barbara Godek ♪ Elizabeth Gould ♪ Ken Greenberg ♪ Wendy Gross ♪ Linda Hanes ♪ David Hanes ♪David Hauser ♪ Jacqueline Grace Hayward ♪ Tracy House ♪ Phyliss Irvine ♪ Peter Jaret ♪ Norah Laffan ♪ Anni Law ♪ Nicoline Leseigneur ♪ Kelly Meisel ♪ Michael Murphy ♪ Mary Poe ♪ Jean Powers ♪ Nathaniel Preston ♪ Noelle Preston ♪ Kari Rasmason ♪ Lilith Rogers ♪ Gary Tabbert

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