Our Community


Our 20th Season Volunteers

The board of directors and the musicians of the orchestra extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the many wonderful volunteers who greet and welcome in our audience – taking tickets, selling refreshments, finding seats, answering questions – making the musical experience as rich and enjoyable as it can be. We simply couldn’t put on a performance without them.

Terry Bell ♪ Brigitte Dyer ♪ Debbie Ebling ♪ Angelina Esaia ♪ Mark Friedman ♪ Dorothy Gitman ♪ Barbara Godek ♪ Elizabeth Gould ♪ Ken Greenberg ♪ Wendy Gross ♪ Linda Hanes ♪ David Hanes ♪ David Hauser ♪ Tracy House ♪ Phyliss Irvine ♪ Peter Jaret ♪ Stephen Knuttel ♪ Norah Laffan ♪ Anni Law ♪ Kelly Meisel ♪ Elizabeth Meirik ♪ Michael Murphy ♪ David Poe ♪ Mary Poe ♪ Jean Powers ♪ Noelle Preston ♪ Lilith Rogers ♪ Robyn Rosenwald ♪ Gary Tabbert

For more information, click here or contact us at volunteer@socophil.org

(We apologize for omissions. Please contact us if there are errors in our listings.)